Exploring the Many Uses of the Cricut Machine

I have had my Cricut for quite some time and I made a goal for myself to use it more this year and to learn more about everything it can do.  I saw on pinterest that you could cut fabric with the machine so I went on You Tube, watched a tutorial and then decided to try it myself.  My son was celebrating his 2nd birthday and I wanted to try and make him a shirt.  To see more detail about his party go HERE.  I saw some cute ones on Etsy but have trouble dropping $20-$30 for a shirt that he would most likely only wear once or twice and outgrow too quickly. 
The theme of my son's birthday was tractors and I had some leftover IH tractor brand fabric.  We do not have a bias either way on what tractors we prefer and since that is what I had on hand, that is what I went with.  The first step was to iron the fabric, which was a very important step - do not attempt to skip this step. 

I purchased Heat n Bond Ultrahold from Walmart and I cut out the same size square that I had of my fabric.  I then ironed it on with the fabric side down.

I then took my fabric with the heat n bond on the back and placed it fabric side up on my cricut cutting board and chose the appropriate images and sizes that I wanted and hit cut. 

After the images were cut out, I went back to my iron and ironed on the image to the t-shirt and that was it! The t-shirt was complete and it turned out great!  I went ahead and put his name on the back too for fun. 

What fun things have you used your Cricut machine for?

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  1. Did you have to set the cricut for a certain pressure to cut through the fabric or have it cut more than one time to prevent frays? I'm so going to try this!


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