A Paper Box

A few years ago, I got a scoring board for my birthday.  I've used it many times since to make cute little boxes.  I recently made boxes to hold skittles at my niece's wedding shower, but my kids like to use them to hold little toys or rocks that they are collecting.  Why are they always collecting rocks?!  I made this one for Emily and decided to use some glittery washi tape to hold it together.  The extra sparkle is what she is all about.

The supplies I used couldn't be more simple.
scoring board
bone file (comes with the scoring board)
washi tape

I used the rectangular piece of cardstock for the box.  Pay no attention to the rectangular piece for now.

I decided that I didn't want the walls of my box very tall so I scored about an inch in on all sides of the square.

I then cut two slits on two opposing sides.

Finally, I folded where all of the creases were that I made in the first step.

I then taped it together with the washi tape.  Here is the finished box and, also, some fun zig zag streamers that I made with the rectangular piece of paper.
To make the streamer (I followed this tutorial but realized the more cuts that you make the longer the streamer will be.), I cut slits up one long side of the paper.   
From the other side, I cut in between the other cuts almost up to the opposite edge.

That is all it takes!  Here is a picture of quite a few that I made for my niece's shower.  I hung them from the ceiling above all of the tables.

Card stock comes in so many colors and has so many uses other than scrapbooking.  Do you love finding creative ways to make fun decorations, too?

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