Fourth of July Experiment

With the upcoming Fourth of July holiday approaching, I decided to find a fun science experiment related to the holiday for the kiddos.  Pinterest never fails and the experiment was hit with both of the kids. 

All you need for this experiment is some vegetable oil, glass jars or glass cups, bowls, food coloring and forks for stirring.
First, pour about 3-4 Tbsp of vegetable oil in a bowl.  Then take food coloring and put3-4 drops of each color in the bowl. 

Next, gently stir (and gently is important) the colors together in the oil with the fork. 

Finally, fill the jar about 3/4 full of warm water and then slowly pour in the oil and food coloring mixture from the bowl and watch the colors separate from the oil and make 'fireworks' in the jar as they sift down into the water.

Super cool to watch!!

Once the colors have all drifted to the bottom the jar turns black and the show is over.  My daughter mixed her oil and food coloring up too much and when she dumped it into the water it quickly turned black so we had to redo it.  The step of mixing the oil and food coloring gently is important. 

What are some of your favorite easy science experiments or some of your favorite fourth of July crafts?

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