Anniversary Card

Last year was our big 10 year anniversary so I made my husband a homemade card.  It was more like a piece of art that I would eventually like to hang on the wall but haven't gotten around to buying one of those handy 12x12 scrapbook frames.  One would think after almost a year I would have done this by now. I know this gift was appreciated but seriously what guy wants a frilly looking card with hearts on it to put on their desk at work? Ha, what was I thinking? Note taken. I guess now I am thinking this is a great way to showcase our memorable moments from each year we've been married.  As we get older and forget things we can look back at this "card" and it's all written out for us.
First I picked out a brown patterned paper for the background (brown is his favorite color).  Then I glued a doily overlay on the patterned paper. These are found in the scrapbook section at JoAnne's usually in with the pads of cardstock. Here's where I should have gotten a clue.....doily and guy gift doesn't really mesh well. I proceeded to fold ten tiny envelopes out of scrapbook paper and tried to space them evenly.   I whipped out the cricut and cut the numbers 1-10 then glued  them on the flap of each envelope.  Next was the fun part.  I went through all the photos on my computer and typed our most memorable moments from each year on a slip of paper.  The slip of paper then went into the corresponding envelope. This card took some time to open but it was fun and now as our minds slowly fade away on us we can reopen our card and reminisce about our favorite times.  Hmm, maybe I should make one every ten years! 

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