Watercolors and Books

What do watercolors and books have in common?  Maybe not much.  But my boys were really wanting to paint and so I had an idea.  I sent them to their room and told them to bring down a book that had a cover that they really liked.  I told them it didn't have to be their favorite book but to just pick something that they thought looked nice.  I was curious to see what they picked.

Down the stairs they came with their choices.

Next, I had them sketch out the cover on a piece of paper.  I told them they could do all of it or just a portion of the cover.  There were no rules except to have fun :)

I then gave them their watercolors to paint what they had sketched.  (I may have even got in on the fun.)  I thought they did wonderfully, they had fun, and we spent an hour using our minds to create!

Give it a try with your child.  Watercolors are not too messy (and if you are worried about messes, see Amy's post from yesterday) and you'll be suprised at what your child can create.  You may even surprise yourself...or laugh at yourself like I did :)

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