Easter is upon us and so the crafts have begun.  My mom is new to pinterest and found a project she wanted to start with me.  These eggs kind of remind me of how we used to make home-made paper mache for birthdays, but I digress.  We used tons of balloons and blew them up to the size we desired, about the size of a grapefruit.
Coat with mod-podge and wrap with string or yarn like a cob web.

 Put another layer of mod-podge over the string.  This project is messy fun, right!

Hang them to dry overnight.  Next was the fun part for my kids:  Pop the balloon and remove with tweezers through an open hole. Use the tweezers to remove excess crunchy, dried mod-podge from the holes.  

Here is a finished one.  I think I will string them together to create an egg garland to display on the stairwell or fireplace mantel.  You could hot glue an egg wreathe as well or just use them as a center piece in a bowl.  

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