How Do You Record Memories?

Are you a blogger?  An old school journaler?  A photographer?  An avid recorder of videos?  If we've heard it once, we've heard it 427, 822, 001 times:  It all goes so quickly.  So.  How do you record the memories of your children, the activities that you do, the funny things they say, and those ordinary everyday moments?

Every time I told a funny story of something my kids said or did, an older and wiser friend would tell me that I should write that down.  I'm not much of a writer and so I started a blog and I do my best to record my life over at The Blue Tulip.  But before I started blogging, I made a little day journal that I could jot down random life happenings.  I used scrapbook paper and made monthly dividers.

I made it way back in 2012 and have since stopped using it and actually forgotten about it.  But while deep cleaning my kitchen, I came across my little box journal and the notes that I jotted down on the daily notecards made me smile.

June 26th:  Alex and Ben fell and scraped their knees = Trauma Drama!
July 1st:  Uncle Harold's 80th birthday party
August 1st:  Ben's last library day (He started kindergarten that fall...waaaah!)

I have my little box still sitting in the kitchen.  Maybe I'll occasionally jot some memories down.  Even if I only do it once a month...or once a year, I think they will still bring a smile to my face.  

You could make yourself a box journal or take it easy on  yourself and go buy a notebook from the store.  Or start a blog!  I also make a photo book for each of my children once a year of all of those random pictures.  It is important to get those off of the computer! 

So tell me, what is your go-to method of preserving your family's memories?

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