Chore Chart

Last summer was proving to be a chore to get the kids to do their chores.  I came across this great idea using some cheap $1 cookie sheets from Walmart.  I spray painted them and my husband drilled holes in the top to hang later.

I used wood chips from Michael's and cut chore pictures from clip art the size of the wood chips.  The pictures were adhered with mod-podge. Then I  bought some heavy duty magnets and hot glued them to the backs of the wood chips.  To personalize the charts I used my cricut and mod-podged their names to the cookie sheet.  I found some great knobs to hang them from at Hobby Lobby.  Each boy also has their very own dust mitt and mini dust broom for those after meal floor cleanups.  I wish I could say it wasn't difficult to get them to do chores anymore, but at least we have a system now.  Are there any charts or methods you use to motivate your kids when it comes to chores?  I'd love to hear your ideas.

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