Play Kitchen Dishtowels

I was planning on making some Valentine themed dish towels for my kitchen.  But when rummaging through my "Stash 'O Stuff", what I had thought were dishtowels were actually napkins.  So I decided to make some play towels for the kids' kitchen.  They like to play restaurant and make food and now, perhaps, they'll have fun cleaning up!

Here's what I used.  Napkins (or dishtowel) and ribbon.  The supply list is pretty simple :)

Cut one piece of ribbon for each napkin.  Measure the length of the napkin and cut the ribbon 6 inches longer.

Fray check the ends.

Iron the ribbon in half.

Starting at one end, sandwich the napkin inside the folded ribbon.

Pin the ribbon along the edge of the napkin.

 Make a loop at the end.

Sew along the edge to secure the ribbon to the napkin.

Hang your beautiful new towels in a convenient location ready for little hands to grab and dry those dirty dishes.

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