Mario Apron

I have had the same apron pattern for the past three years.  I found it online but couldn't track down the link.  It has become one of those pinterest pins that leads to no where (womp womp).  But no matter, I am here today to show you how to modify your favorite apron pattern into a Mario apron.  (aaaahhhh!  Since writing this, I've found it.  Go here for an apron like the one in this post.)

You will need red, blue and white material and two bright yellow buttons.  It can't get much easier than that, my friends :)  (So sorry.  I forgot to take a picture of the yellow buttons.)

Follow the basic steps of your apron tutorial, but to turn your apron into Mario:  4 additional steps.

1.  You will want to use the red fabric for the inside of the apron and the blue fabric for the outside and the straps.

2.  Cut out a piece of red fabric for the shirt to make the top of the apron look like Mario's bib overalls.

3.  Add the yellow buttons.

4.  Personalize the pocket by making it red and adding a white circle and a red M for Mario.

That is, as my daughter would say, easy peazy lemon squeezy!  This apron will be a hit for all boys--both young and old alike, I promise!

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