A Nursery in Progress

Check Pinterest and it's easy to find lots of beautiful nurseries. What you don't often see is the whole process of how they come together. I'm excited to share, in real time, how our baby boy's nursery is starting to take shape. I shared in a previous post a board that I had put together with some initial ideas. At that time, I had already found a few items that had gotten the inspiration flowing. Since then, with Christmas, I hit a standstill for a while, but I'm excited to get back to the room and start focusing on pulling things together.

In my initial search, I found this beautiful, incredibly soft, mustard throw, along with the raccoon and squirrel bottlebrush ornaments. For Christmas, Eric's grandma, without even knowing about those initial ornaments, gifted us the owls. She had intended for them to find a place on our tree - I'm more excited that they fit in so perfectly and will get year-round use with a nice little spot on the mobile I'll be putting together soon. 

Other additions include the bear cross stitch I made, which I featured on my mood board, as well as some arrow wall art.

Forgive the glare. I had gotten the idea for these hangings through this post on a blog I enjoy and read regularly. I have plans to hang these with a twine-wrapped large-scale letter in between, to represent baby boy's first name. All three items will hang on the wall that will house the wallpaper from my mood board. The wallpaper ended up being a little pricey for me to buy any more than one roll, so what I've decided to do is wallpaper a 9'x4' section of the wall and frame it out with molding. I ordered the paper, and after a month of waiting, I ended up receiving a completely different paper than the one I bought. Oy vey. I'm still in the process of sorting it out, but I'm not sure how long it will take, considering it's coming from China.

I think I'm still most excited about the rug for the room. This was passed along to us by my in-laws, before we even knew we were having a girl with our first pregnancy. I've been patiently waiting for a boy to come along, to be able to put it to use the way I want to.

Isn't he cute?

Here's a glimpse of everything together, so far:

 The herringbone fabric is what I'll be using for the curtains, which I'm really excited about. I had purchased an orange and navy flannel, but after getting it in the room, I just couldn't picture where things would go from there. It didn't fit in with the light blue walls, it made the room feel dark, and it didn't flow with the rest of our house. So when I found the herringbone fabric on Joann's website for 50% off and immediately started seeing things come together in my head, I snatched it up and decided to just eat the cost of the flannel (which I had also thankfully gotten for 50% off, so I don't have to feel like I wasted too much money). I love how the pattern on the fabric fits in with the texture on the throw, as well as how it ties in the light blue walls and the blue chair. To bring the mustard into the curtains, I would like to add a thin strip of mustard fabric.

Finally, because I have a wonderfully talented and generous grandma, I've planned a quilt to fit into the room. My grandma asked me a while back what kind of quilt she could make for baby - once I found the herringbone fabric, I knew exactly what I wanted. I found this quilt pattern through Pinterest and then rounded up some fabrics and sent them her way. To make sure I liked the way everything looked together, I put together a mock-up of how things would look. Even though the prints aren't to scale, I can at least get an idea of how they look together.

Here is a more detailed look at all of the fabrics:

With grandma on board, saying she's excited about the pattern and will have fun with it, I can't wait to see the end result.

Expect lots more updates to come. I have a feeling that mobile may be done by next week. I've got an itch to work on it, and I think it'll end up being one of my favorite parts of the room. How does your creative process work when you're planning a room? I would love to hear!

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