Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!  You may be watching the parade this morning.  You might be watching football or a movie marathon on tv.  Or you may be cooking feverishly in the kitchen.  Or perhaps you are just lounging on the couch, resting up for the huge meal. 

I do not have a huge craft project to show to you today.  If you do want a last minute idea, I suggest writing your favorite verse about thanksgiving on your chalkboard wall/picture/table/etc.  Because, let's be honest, doesn't everyone have something that is covered with chalkboard paint?

No matter what your plans are for today, let's remember to praise Him for all of His abundant blessings!  I was challenged recently to make a list of 100 things I was thankful for.  I thought I would share them with you today.  They are completely random--that is just how my mind works--but I like to thank my God for the big things and the small.

william, ben, alex, emily, new car, my home, comfy bed, living close to the library, kids' teachers, my parents, tulips, chocolate, birds chirping, xm christmas station, chai, emily's hugs, alex's laugh, ben's heart, christmas movies, books, sharpies, sewing machine, craft room, fun socks, heat, microwave popcorn, my best friend, book club, sew and tell, bible study, mom life, moms' morning out, old friends, new friends, the hide button on fb, the smell of fall, fingerless gloves, the greenway, wrapping paper, our basement, my garlic press, my stoneware, spray paint, pinterest, porch swing, auctions, librarians, childcare workers, lake michigan, grandparents, my husband's family, freedom to worship, flip flops, my salvation, Jesus' never ending love, blogs, printables, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking, colorful fabric, my piano, mp3 player for when i'm running, wood floors, my health, my kids' health, the zoo, starbucks, snow, harper, ikea, our parks department, laughter, rain, sunshine, brother branham, brother coleman, shutterfly, my bike, pool, dad's garden, mountain dew, a&w root beer, barqs red cream soda, medicine, summertime, street fair, the Bible, van gogh, london, boston, disney world, arizona in february, polka dots, argyle, plaid, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, ac, classic film, rainbows, chapstick, smiles, prayer, private jokes, naps, tickling, christmas lights

I wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. LOVE this, Rachel! And so glad you are still pondering that list :) good thing we were able to all help each other finish their 100!

    1. thanks Rachel. and thank You for the challenge :)


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