Flash Card Bunting

As a mama to three young kids, nothing in my home lasts forever, stays neat or remains stain free. If you're anything like me, you probably won't just throw anything away either. You turn it into something useful. In this case, a deck of Flash Cards. Whether it be the baby or a frustrated toddler, over time we have ended up with several missing or torn cards. This is a super simple project that takes no time at all! These little cards will add some fun and whimsy to any kid space!

What you will need:
Flash Cards
Hole Punch
Hammer and Nails

Start by punching two holes, centered and equally apart at the top of the card. Do that to all of them.

They should look like this:

Easy enough, right? Line them up to see what order you'd like them to be in. This step makes it easy to move any around that you want. Since I did not have the complete alphabet, I placed mine more for the sake of color.

You are ready to "thread" your bunting! I started on the right side by pulling the twine from behind and through to the other hole, and repeat until you're complete. (I found it easiest to pull each card through to the end one at a time instead of waiting to do them all at the same time.)

Now make two small loose knots on either side with the twine. This is how you will hang your bunting. 

You are ready to hang your finished product! Tie your knots tightly around each nail and hammer individually, keeping them level. That's it! You are done!

Stand back and enjoy your handy work!

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