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Today I have several random bits to share with you, so let's get started.

We have had sick kiddos in the house for days (though, it kind of feels like years).
If you have a child young enough that he can't blow his own nose, you need this product.  I will be the first to admit, the concept sounds disgusting.  After using it, I can honestly say nothing went in my mouth, and it was way more effective than a bulb sucker.  Seriously, it is worth the $15.  A congested 1 year old is nothing to mess with.   

Next up, is a yummy smoothie.  I love smoothies, but I usually stick with my tried and true methods, and rarely venture out to try different recipes.  This one is full of flavor, and pretty healthy.  I would also mention that if you would like a creamier smoothie, blend the oats first so they have a more powder-like consistency.

I love puppets for early childhood development.  Sometimes toddlers and preschoolers have a hard time conveying what they need and puppets are a great way to help them use their words.  Puppets are great for role playing the proper way to do things, telling secrets, and are all around pretty fun.  I found these adorable puppets on Pinterest and there is a free pattern (score!).

And finally, something for the mamas.
I have recently become mildly obsessed with shawls.  I know, old lady much?  But these are super cute, and perfect for this spring like weather we are experiencing.  I have made two already, and I may make more.  The pattern is easy peasy.  I love that a chart is included as well, because it is much easier for me to read the picture than the crazy crochet jargon in word form.

What have you found this week that you love?  We would love to hear about any great products or projects.  Leave us a comment :)

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