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I really love blogs.  I like finding my favorites and I look forward to reading them every day or a few times a week.  I was a huge fan of YHL and was heartbroken when they decided to call it quits.  On the other hand, because I wasn't checking their site every day, I found a few new blogs to love.  Blogs are a great source of inspiration and information!

I thought I'd share my top ten favorites with you today and why they make my list.

#10)  The one that is written by someone I know in real life.  Plus she has a great sense of humor in her writing.  And her instagram recaps are my favorites.
Sarah @ Flying Kites

#9)  The one that I go to for beautiful free printables.  I love the gift tags.

#8)  The one I go to when I want happy color inspiration.  And if anyone wants to sign up to try to go to craft weekend with me, let me know!
Meg @ Whatever

#7)  The one that has great sewing tutorials and patterns.  Her video tutorials are great.
Dana @ Made

#6)  The one that has great party planning ideas.  A collaborative blog that I use as a search engine when throwing a party.

#5)  The one I look at when I want to wish upon a star and transform my home.  Her 'Nugget Series'--love.

#4)  The one I read when I want to contemplate.  Her book A Million Little Ways is so good, too.

#3)  The one that I go to for a no fail recipe.  This one is obvious.  And if you need a good cook book, she has three and one on the way.

#2)  The one that is stupid fun when it comes to movies and tv.  This lady is too much fun.
Kendra @ The Sugar Box

#1)  The one I love to read because it is about the love of books.  Need a book suggestion for yourself, for your child, for a gift...check out the lists on here.

What blogs do you love to read or go to for inspiration?...other than MamasTogether, of course :)
Please share!

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