My Project vs. The Pinterest Project

I pinned this no-sew zipper case to my pinterest page last week because it looked easy.  Of course, it did.

My idea was to use up all of my water bottles and make containers for my boys' legos.  Easy!  Genius!  I was congratulating myself and patting myself on the back.  And I was looking forward to sharing my results on the blog....

After 30 minutes and 2 tries, I had this:

It wasn't very pretty.  The zipper was crooked.  The glue clearly visible.  And it wasn't easy for my 4 year old to open and close it.  However.  She loved it as proven by the quote at the beginning of this post.  And we sat down and drew a couple of pictures.

Clearly, I'm an artist.  ha.  I have 30 years of "artistic practice" on the girl but I really love her whale picture better.
Lesson:  Attempt those pinterest projects if it is fun for you.  And even if you're dissatisfied, most kids will be happy that you made something for them and, more importantly, with them.

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