A Pallet Bed in the Making: Part 1

I have started on my boys' room makeover.  I decided to work on their room for a few reasons--I'm tired of the stripes that are in there right now, the closet doors keep falling off the tracks and are driving me batty, and it is time Alex was out of his toddler bed.

I initially thought I'd get them bunk beds but after shopping around, the only affordable option for us at this time was Ikea.  Normally that's a good thing :)  But we don't really have the time to go to Ikea right now and when a friend said that her husband has pallets at work for free, the wheels in my head started turning.

I searched pinterest for a few days and was inspired by a lot of pictures but kept coming back to this one via the budget decorator:

I really loved the simplicity and the rustic vibe.  I thought it would fit well in my boys' room.  I knew for them I would like their beds up off of the floor.  I ran across this picture via mrs fancy pants:

I really liked the industrial look of the pipe legs with the rustic wood.  My next step was to go to Lowes and get material.  I took my dad along to help me pick everything out and he's also good at brainstorming with me.  I'm glad he was there because I soon came to realize that the pipe materials I needed were going to cost $160 for two beds.  Um.  No thank you.

So we decided to improvise with PVC pipe and I'm going to spray paint them with metallic paint.  He helped glue the pipe together and attach them to 2x4's that will be the base structure of the bed.  Here is where we're at so far:

My next step will be to spray paint these legs either metallic silver to match my inspiration picture above.  Or I might do copper.  Ben really wants gold in his room and he might be satisfied with copper.  We shall see :)

I then need to sand all of the pallets down and I think I'm going to paint them Navy.

After the painting is done, we'll take everything up to the bedroom and my dad and husband (and probably lots of help from the kiddos) will attach everything together.
My plan is to have everything painted by next week.  So stay tuned!...


  1. Hard to have it all painted when you don't have all the pallets!
    Hopefully will get some more for you this week :)
    I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

    1. no worries! I have enough to get one bed finished. If that happens I will be feeling very accomplished :)


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