Tree Wall Art

I have had the same long canvas sitting in my house for over a year.  I painted it robins egg blue but could not decide what to do next so it sat for a few more months.  Then one day it came to me.  Our toy room is kind of a whimsical woodland theme and I am really into birds and burlap right now.  So I decided to take the two and make some wall art for the toy room.  First I went on a stick quest in our yard.  I brought in what looked like our next campfire to find the most suitable sticks for the canvas.  I spray painted them an off-white. I bought burlap in lime green and brown, colors accented in the room already, to use for the birds. I searched bird images on the computer to find ones that would make a nice cutout silhouette. Go  here to see the template I used. I cut five bird shapes to represent our family of five. My plan was to do the two adult birds in brown and the smaller birds in lime green.

Really didn't like the look of the burlap as originally planned.  It was extremely difficult to get my shape to look like the bird with the waffle weave of the fabric. So off to plan B.  Using scrapbook paper with stripes and polka dot patterns I cut out the birds again.  

Bugs me a bit that I can see the hot glue when I look at it in other angles, but hey at least it's not sitting on my counter anymore! I have plans to put another smaller canvas above this one with our last name, a poem, or Bible verse.  Do you have any suggestions?  

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