Quest for Curtains

My husband tells me I have a problem, it's called commitment to decor.  After repainting our living room last October the room went curtain-less until March due to the above mentioned condition.  The room went from being a basil green color to Skyline Shadow which is a light gray. You don't even want to know how long paint swatches were on the wall before I finally broke down and decided on the gray.  I painted the hallway a color called April Thicket, kind of a robin's egg blue with a hint of green, so I wanted to incorporate this color into the new living room decor since the hallway attaches to the living room.  Here was choice #1.
I enjoyed how these curtains had the fading from light at the top and got darker the farther down it went but the blue was too brilliant and didn't quite match up to the blue in the hallway so I thought why not gray like the walls so here was the same curtain but in gray, choice #2.

I pondered this one for a-while and concluded it just didn't feel right.  I needed a design element in the mix. I considered curtain #3.
While I liked the added design I still didn't think it went with the theme of the room and the gray was darker than I imagined. And then I found them, the perfect wrappings for my windows, curtain #4
......that also happened to be out of stock for many, many months!  When they finally came back in stock I was on it and they were totally worth the wait!  I'm still planning to incorporate the blue from the hallway with pillow covers for our couches. I love how the design on the curtains resemble the design on the church key knobs we put on our fire place mantel and meshes with the design around the larger picture frames in the room.  Are you working on any re-decorating right now? We would love to hear your thought process behind the choices you made.  

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