Melted Crayon

If there is one art supply practically everyone owns it is crayons.
But let's face it....they can get old after a while.
Every now and then we need to spice things up around here.

Here's what you need
Pre-heated oven (I set mine to 300)
Cookie Sheet
Towels to protect your table
Extra towels to protect little hands

Heat the oven up, and place the empty cookie sheet in the oven.  Set the timer for 10 minutes and go set up the work area.  Lay out a towel to place the cookie sheet on, and roll up another towel and place on the side closest to the child.  Peel the paper off crayons before beginning.

After the cookie sheet is hot, pull it out and lay it upside down on the towel.  Place paper on top, and carefully draw with the crayons.  The crayons melt pretty easily.  Make sure the child holds the crayon so his/her hand is not close to the cookie sheet.  

 We usually have to pop the cookie sheet back in the oven 2-3 times before the picture is completed.

My daughter and I have done this type of artwork several times.  We really enjoy this technique, because the colors are so vibrant.

What creative ways do you use crayons?

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