DIY Accountability

Last week, I mentioned how I finally checked off of my diy list a lamp that I'd had for 14 years.  I wish that I could say that was an exception, but I tend to have this problem.  I see something and I buy it (auctions are my achille's heel) and then I "store" it in my basement for a random day when I get around to working on what I saw in my mind.  Of course, what actually happens is I tend to keep piling up my special finds and nothing ever gets accomplished.  But no more, I say!

Today I'm going to share with you a few of my "basement projects" in hopes that this will keep me accountable.  Be warned--my basement is not pretty.  

Project #1:  Ammunition Box--Ok.  I don't know why I bought this.  I thought it was really cool at the auction.  I still think it is cool, but I'm not sure what to do with it.  I think it might make a really neat sofa or end table.  I'm open to ideas :)
Project #2:  Kids Wicker Furniture Set--I have three more chairs like this but they are unpainted.  I also have two small tables that go with it.  This would be an easy project.  Clean with some soap and water.  Spray paint.  Done. 
Project #3:  Mr. Owl--Another easy project.  Clean and spray paint a bright teal or navy or yellow and I'd have a super fun cookie jar.  I should do this before owls totally go out of style, right?  Or are they already?  I also have a rooster cookie jar.  Could roosters be the animal of 2015??
Project #4:  Random Chairs--How cool are the lines of this chair?  Paint it and reupholster the seat and it could be wow.  I have 3 or 4 or 5 random chairs like this one.
Project #5:  Pop Crates--I got these because I thought they'd be great storage.  I still agree with myself.  I'd love to clean them up and use them in my craft room.  Right now the only thing they're storing are cobwebs.
Project #6:  Antique Cabinet--This cabinet.  I love it so.  I bought it at my great-uncle's auction.  At first, I wasn't sure where I wanted to put it.  But now I think I want it in my bedroom.  I really like how it looks so it just needs a major cleaning and then some sort of sealant so that the paint doesn't chip anymore.  Aren't the green knobs great?  You can see in the left side of the picture the little drawers that go in it and they also have green knobs.  I really do love this thing.  It is time to get it out of the murky basement.
Project #7:  Grandfather's Tool Box--Finally my grandpa's tool box.  I never met him...he died a year before I was born and my dad gave me the tool box.  Of course, it has huge sentimental value but it is also pretty awesome!  It has neat little storage spaces inside and needs a major cleaning.  But I could see this in my craft room or even on my back counter in the kitchen as a fun storage piece.
Those are my seven projects that make me hang my head in shame.  Why haven't I tackled them  yet?  It is pure craziness.  I will get on it.  I will!  I think I'll start simple and makeover Mr. Owl.  He'll thank me for it, I'm sure :)

What projects do you have that are waiting for you to finish--or get started?

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