Ruffly Tree Skirt

My friend asked me to make her a "scrappy" tree skirt.  I was so excited to make one for her and I think it turned out rather cute and looks so festive under her tree.  She had a bit of fabric that she gave me, but otherwise let me decide what to use.  This project would be great if you have a ton of random scraps and you're not sure what to do with them.

Once I figured out about what I wanted it to look like, the process was rather simple.  You'll need around 6 strips of fabric that are anywhere from 24" to 36" in length.  The width of my fabric strips varied from 4" to 12".  Once I had all of my various strips cut out, I made a pile in the order I thought I'd like them to be sewn.  I wanted to make sure my colors were evenly spaced so that my red polka dots didn't end up all together.

I cut the base of my skirt out of a white sheet using these instructions.  I then started at the outside part of the skirt and sewed strips of fabric on, ruffling them as I went. 

When one strip ended, I just tucked the next piece over and kept going.  After I got all the way around, I started over and made sure to overlap the next row of ruffles enough to cover the stitching at the top of the previous row.

I will not lie, this is a long process.  But put on a Christmas movie and just keep at it.  When the whole skirt was covered, I bound the inside circle with a strip of fabric and added a couple of ties to where the skirt comes together.  I also trimmed up a few spots that were a little longer than the rest of the ruffles.

 It was such a fun project to complete and it looks lovely underneath my friend's tree. 

Do you have a pile of scrap fabric like I do?  Have you made anything with it lately?  If so, post pictures to our facebook page.  We'd love to see what you are up to!


  1. are wonderful! Can't wait to get this back out :) p.s. I totally have another project to hire you for...hopefully it won't take as long!

    1. looking forward to hearing what you have up your sleeve now! :)


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