The Thankful Tree: Ashley's Take

Like so many others, I found this "Thankful Tree" to be a perfect way to display exactly what I'm thankful for. Here's my take on it.

Before becoming a "Thankful Tree", this arrangement lived in our bedroom and was a Mother's Day gift from my husband a few years ago. He knows me so well. I have added to it with Curly Willow from my sister in law's wedding. It's pretty special anyway. 

You can easily recreate this look with things found in your own back yard! (Just maybe not the coffee beans.) Wrap a simple piece of twine to keep the natural feel or get creative with a fun colored ribbon.

Now, for the leaves. I decided to hand draw my leaf templates based on various leaves we have seen on the ground. You can also search for and trace some silhouettes as well. 

Trace and cut out your leaves. To save time, fold your paper a couple of times to fit the size of your leaf. This will give you multiple cut-outs at once. 

Once you have your leaves cut, punch a hole. Be sure to leave plenty of writing space.

I decided to keep this in our dining room, the center of our home. Instead of sticking with a schedule or number or times a day I write what I'm thankful for, I simply add to the tree any time I think of something I'm thankful for (which is often).

I can't wait to see what this tree looks like at the end of November!

I would like to know, what are YOU thankful for this year?


  1. Such a cute idea, Ashley! This would be so fun to do with Lucy as she gets older.

  2. We are thankful for you. Ashley, your guidance, example, and grace have been so inspiring. Looking back a few months ago, I was a mom surviving and by knowing you I am a mom thriving. Thank you.


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