F is for fishing

100 points if you spotted R2-D2 in the picture above.  That has nothing to do with fishing.  Or fishing poles.  Or the letter F.  I just like to give away random points.  I'm sure it will make your day brighter.

Ok!  Who is excited that Thanksgiving is one week away?!  I know I am!  I like to keep my cooking very simple in the few weeks before the big day.  My middle guy was in charge of bringing a snack to school this week and so I wanted to do something Easy.  They are learning about the letter F this week and so I always try to make the snack fit with what the children are learning.

Enter the easiest snack ever right behind going out and buying a package of oreos.  And oreos wouldn't work anyway because they don't start with an F.  So...easiest snack ever right behind going out and buying....Fruit snacks!  or Fritos!  or...Fruit!

Back to the fishing poles.
Gather together pretzel rods, string licorice and swedish fish.  (Does anyone know what makes the fish swedish?)

You'll also need a cutting board and a knife.

Tie one end of the licorice around the pretzel rod.

Cut a small slit in the fish.

In the cut, push in the other end of the licorice.

And you've caught yourself a fish on your fishing pole!

Super simple and so fun.  They were a hit with the kids in my son's class.  And now I can relax until next week when the baking of the pies shall commence!

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