Scrappy Bunting Pillow Slipcover

I like to make small changes around my home for the different seasons.  Slipcovers for pillows are one of the easiest ways to mix it up.  If you use your fabric scraps to embellish the front of the pillow, it is also very cost effective.  Envelope slipcovers can be made in about 10 minutes and with the bunting added to the front, this project can be completed in under an hour.  Or in my case, during the kids' naptime.  Something that can be started and finished during naptime is instant success--I can almost hear all of you other mamas giving me an Amen.

In my fabric stash, I had some plaid material that I picked up at a garage sale this past spring.  I used that and three other materials from my scrap crate.  Here's how I made my fall inspired pillow slipcover.

I set my pillow down on the material and cut the width a half inch wider than the pillow on each side.

For the length, I wrapped the material around the pillow so that it overlapped about 5".  I then folded and sewed the ends to form a 1" hem.

My next step was to wrap the fabric around the pillow again and to mark with pins where the top and bottom of the pillow would be.  Doing this step gave me a visual of the area I had to work with to add the bunting.

Using the pins as an outline, I could then pin down the bunting where I wanted it to go.

I sewed along the top of the bunting and also around the edges of each piece.  I decided to add a second line of decorative stitching along the top.  I think a brighter colored thread would have created a bigger wow factor with the decorative stitching....but I still know it is there and it makes me happy :)

At this point, the only thing left to do is to fold the material the wrong way around the pillow, pin the edges and sew them closed.

Don't forget to snip the corners (this creates a perfect point at the corner).

Turn the slipcover right side out, iron and insert the pillow.
The back is envelope style.

 The front is ready for the leaves to fall but cheery enough for the last warm days of the year.

A final frugal tip:  Shop the clearance section at your local store.  They will usually have going out of season pillows at a reduced cost and you can purchase them to use as pillow inserts.

Do you change your decor for different seasons or holidays?  What tips do you have that work for your decor And your budget?

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