Leaf Garland

I love when the seasons change.  It really doesn't matter what season we are heading into, I just love all the changes it brings.

I never used to be a big fan of fall because it meant there are no more warm sunny days at the pool, however this year I went through my first summer in the South, and wow.  I have never experienced such stifling humidity.  It was more than this girl could handle, and I am glad to be back home.

Anyway, back to my project for the week.  A few years ago I spotted a cute leaf garland from Pottery Barn.  Of course, I looked at it and thought, 'I can make that!'  I did, and we love it but it isn't very long, so this year I am making another one.

The supplies for this are:
Felt in fall colors (I used this project as a scrap buster)
Pins for placing template on felt (optional)
Sharp scissors
Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
Embroidery thread
Bedazzling items (optional)  like small beads or glitter glue
Ribbon or twine to attach the leaves

Step 1:  I hand drew my template.  I wanted a variety of leaves, but you could easily just do one.  Some of my leaves look more realistic than others.  It's the essence that counts, not the preciseness of your leaves.

Step 2:  Cut out the leaves.  Since I was using up my stash of felt I started with the biggest leaves, and placed them on the felt, then placed smaller leaves.  I also ended up making an additional, simpler garland I will show you in a minute.  

Step 3:  The leaves look cute enough as is, but I like to add some sparkle and make them fun.  This step is to bedazzle.  I added embroidery thread as the veins of the leaves or as trim, and some have small beads attached.  After I was done, I realized glitter glue might be a fun addition too.  Ahh, next time I suppose.

Step 4:  Unroll the ribbon and arrange the leaves.  Pin the leaves in place on the ribbon.  The leaves can be hand sewn or machine sewn.  I used 8 leaves on 5 feet of ribbon.  
Step 5:  Find a place to hand the garland.  Since I don't have a mantle or other obvious place to hang the garland I had to get creative.  I clothes pinned them to a white frame with chicken wire.

I had quite a bit of felt left, so I made a simple leaf and made another garland.  This one was much faster, since there was no bedazzling and the leaves were quick to cut out.  I used a simple running stitch to connect all the leaves.  Easy Peasy.  So easy in fact, that I went a little crazy and made about 10 feet of it in less that 20 minutes.

Again, I had to improvise because I have no mantle.  I cut down a perfectly good branch that just happened to be on the wrong spot on a tree, and plucked off the real leaves to put my own felt leaves on it.

Now, when I get home I can have a little bit of fall in my kitchen.  Even if it is only early September, and the real leaves haven't changed yet.

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